Thursday, September 16, 2010

Build free traffic for your Blogger Blog

YouSayToo is a Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate revenue sharing site dedicated to blog promotion.Add your blog to YouSayToo and every time you post YouSayToo puts up a summary of the post and link to your blog.  If site users like what you write, they may click through and check you out.  Users can also promote your blog by “Rating Up” your post to the front page, Tweet, Share to Facebook, or Buzz It – all actions that should bring you traffic.They can also subscribe to your blog, comment and perform other actions.
If you have an interest in blogging for money, you should consider Yousaytoo adsense sharing community as your chance to prove yourself to the writer's world. You can get information on blogging for money as well as read other blogs and get ideas for better blogging.

To make revenue at YouSayToo you need to:
  • Join YouSayToo 
  • Fill in your Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate IDs on the Revenue Settings page
  • Add your existing blogs to YouSayToo and earn more from them
  • Learn more about Add Your Blog
Join referral program and increase your revenue:
  • Write about Yousaytoo on your blog and/or social network
  • Place a YouSayToo banner on your blog
  • Invite your friends to YouSayToo
For every referred user who added a blog or started his own you earn 15% from his Google AdSense ad impressions. You also earn 10% ad impressions from users referred by your referred users.


Another Way to use the Banner Exchange APP.
The banner exchange application was created for bloggers who have added their blogs to YouSayToo. This application (app) will help you promote your blogs.

Adding the banner exchange app to your blog is free, fast and you'll get the following benefits:
  • Your blog will be advertised on thousands of blogs for free
  • Advertisement means more readers and more revenue from ads
  • Your blog will gain popularity on the web

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