Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Add Syntax Highlighter To Blogger Blogs

As a blogger may be you have to place some code in your post .There is a amusing tool for highlighting your code named SyntaxHighlighter.To add this robust tool to your blogger blog follow this simple steps
  1. Go to Edit HTML tab and  backup your template before any kind of modification.
  2. Now paste the following code before </head> tag .

  3. Now search for the </body> tag and paste the following code before it :

  4. That's it from now when you want to add some code just write the code between the following tag.

    ...Your 'HTML' code goes here...
  5. Change 'html' in this line of code according to your code in the blog post.For example for css use 'css' .
Save the setting and view the result!
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